With a veteran staff of permitted and licensed habitat restoration specialists and biologists, the Santa Ana Watershed Association—a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization—has removed nearly 5,000 acres of invasive plants throughout the watershed, while providing long-term habitat restoration and wildlife management services that serve a wide range of clients. SAWA is committed to protecting and improving natural areas of the Santa Ana River Watershed through the removal of invasive species, native habitat enhancement and the protection of endangered and threatened species.

Habitat Restoration Services

SAWA's Habitat Restoration Services Department provides permitted habitat restoration services, removing exotic, invasive species and managing existing resources, including water, plants and wildlife for cities, counties, developers, other non-profits, special districts, and regulatory agencies. SAWA also provides conservation area management services, employing proven strategies, hands-on enhancement and long-term maintenance of protected areas such as conservation easements, interpretive areas and mitigation sites. For more information about our habitat restoration and conservation services go to our Habitat Restoration Services page or contact Project Manager James Law via email.

Wildlife Habitat Management Services

SAWA biologists play an active role in the restoration of the watershed by performing field studies involving birds, bats, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and plants. Our biologists also monitor animals and plants during invasive plant removal projects and commercial development to protect both endangered and more common wildlife species from potential impacts during restoration and construction. SAWA biologists are permitted local experts on the endangered Least Bell’s Vireo and Brown-headed Cowbird management. For more information about our wildlife habitat management services, click here, or contact Lead Biologist Melody Aimar via email.