About SAWA

The Santa Ana Watershed Association (SAWA) develops, coordinates and implements natural resource programs that support a sustainable ecosystem and social benefits from the San Bernardino Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. SAWA is committed to the protection and improvement of areas within the Santa Ana River Watershed. Major foci of SAWA are the removal of invasive species, which is a significant problem throughout the watershed, native habitat enhancement and the protection of endangered and threatened species.

Santa Ana Watershed Association
P.O. Box 5407
Riverside, CA 92517
phone: 951 780-1012
fax: 951 780-5893
main website: http://sawatershed.org

Hugh Wood
Executive Director
Office: 951 780-1012, ext. 23

Jennette El Morsy
Executive Assistant
Office: 951 780-1012, ext. 11
e-mail: jennette@sawatershed.org

Maria Arellano
Office Specialist
Office: 951 780-1012, ext. 10
e-mail: maria@sawatershed.org

James Law
Project Manager
Office: 951 780-1012, ext. 12
e-mail: jlaw@sawatershed.org

Sue Hoffman
Lead Biologist
Office: 951-780-1012, ext. 18
e-mail: shoffman@sawatershed.org