Habitat Restoration Services Permits & Certifications

The Santa Ana Watershed Association holds a variety of permits and certifications related to its Habitat Restoration Services and Wildlife Habitat Management Services, in addition to individual herbicide certifications. The following are some of SAWA's major permits:

  • Army Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permit – SAWA operates under General Permit 41, for removal of invasive plants in the Santa Ana Watershed at over 50 project sites. SAWA follows the best management practices in the guidelines to avoid adverse impacts to water quality regulated by the Corps. Annual reports on SAWA projects are submitted to the Corps specifying SAWA’s activity under this permit.
  • California Regional Water Quality Control Board 401 Certification – SAWA performs invasive non-native plant removal and maintenance at over 50 project sites within the Santa Ana River Watershed – many of which are directly permitted by the RWQCB – and must comply with their requirements for each location. Annual reports on the habitat are prepared by SAWA biologists and are submitted to the RWQCB.
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife 1600 Permit – SAWA has a 1600 permit through the CDFW, which allows it to conduct invasive plant removal and maintenance in the Santa Ana River Watershed. SAWA provides annual reports to CDFW under its permit for work it performs throughout the watershed.
  • SAWA is registered with the Dept of Industrial Relations as a public works contractor. SAWA has extensive experience performing, recording and reporting prevailing wage projects.

SAWA has a staff of 15 permitted biologists to provide biological assessment, monitoring and reporting activities at project sites. This provides a basis for turnkey project management, restoration and regulatory compliance. See our Wildlife Habitat Management Services pages for more information.

For service inquiries, contact Project Manager James Law at 951 780-1012, or via email