SAWA Habitat Restoration Services Staff


James Law, SAWA Project Manager. James is a qualified licensed applicator (License # 117305) with certifications in Landscape Maintenance, Right of Way, Forestry and Aquatics. Mr. Law has a bachelor’s degree in Ecology from the University of California at Irvine and has been managing riparian restoration projects since 2006. In 2013, Mr. Law was named the “Land Manager of the Year” for that year by the California Invasive Plant Council. He was appointed by the Council this year to serve on their advisory board assisting in Integrated Pest Management plans (IPM’s).

Martin Almanza, SAWA Field Supervisor. Martin has been working with SAWA since 2016. Martin currently oversees several plant removal projects. He will be assigned full-time to oversee compliance with the HMMP/RFP and day to day activity of SAWA crew members performing the vegetation maintenance and silt removal. Martin will also serve as SAWA’s safety officer on the project and is responsible for compliance with SAWA’s injury illness prevention program (IIPP). Martin Almanza has a qualified applicator license (#144101) and is certified in Aquatics and Landscape Maintenance.

SAWA currently has 15 restoration technicians who report to the project manager and field supervisor. Based on the project schedule to fulfill the requirements specified in the HMMP and the RFP, sufficient fully trained restoration crew members will be assigned to meet the demands for each of the project locations.

Jennette El Morsy, SAWA Administrative Manager. Jennette is responsible for assuring SAWA’s compliance with the terms of the public works contractor’s regulations, performing prevailing wage payroll and recordkeeping requirements. Jennette maintains all safety and training records and assures that all employees are familiar with SAWA and Cal OSHA safety requirements. Jennette oversees all hiring, including Homeland Security E Verify Program, criminal and DMV auto background checks. Jennette has been with SAWA since 2008.

For service inquiries, contact Project Manager James Law at 951 780-1012, or via email